Monday, July 30, 2012

Remember When...

It's almost that day...AGAIN!!!  

How can one date on the calendar invoke so many emotions? 

I'd never felt contentment and peace until July 31st, and yet exactly a year later I never knew just how much a heart could break. 

I gained a best friend, and lost one...all on the same wretched date.  

Our Wedding Song - Remember When - Alan Jackson

I never realized how true the words were...

Most days, I just wish I could completely erase this date from the calendar forever, July should only have 30 days! But in the end I know it wouldn't change the outcome. I've realized everything truly is balanced in life. 

For every laugh, there's ultimately a tear that's yet to fall, and, for every moment of happiness, there is tragedy waiting just around the bend. 

It took me 30 years to learn a few things:

1.  Don't let words and feelings go unspoken, you just might not have tomorrow (or another 5 minutes) to express them.

2.  Give thank-yous, hugs, kisses.  Apologize and forgive when needed, or you'll regret it for the rest of life (trust me on this). 

3.  Let your guard down and let those who care in every once in awhile, being tough doesn't get you anywhere (ok, I haven't learned this yet).

4.  Leave behind more than you took from this world.

5.  Life does go on.  You may not like it, and it definitely will never be the same, and often you'll wonder how the world hasn't come to a screeching halt.  Tomorrow the sun will rise...with or without your blessing.

6.  But most importantly, just love. This world is too short for ugliness, arguing, cold shoulders and vindictive acts.

These are the lessons I've learned in the past 7 much as I wasn't ready to learn most of them...

Happy 8th anniversary Christopher! - July 31st, 2004

Still missing you Momma! - April 9th, 1946 - July 31st, 2005


  1. What a day for you, both happy and sad. I lost my mom last year to cancer. She was my best friend, and not a day goes by that I don't think about her. I miss her terribly.

    Blessings to you, and a measure of peace for the coming day.

  2. I can guarantee you the missing goes on, though the pain will dull a little with time. Unbelievably, it will be 30 years come December that my Mum was taken without warning. While grateful she never suffered, we naturally regret the unspoken, as you so beautifully expressed, Tania. On this bitter-sweet anniversary, I wish you much sweetness to help wash away the bitter!