Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art Bead Love Tour - Your Chance To Enter!!!!!!

Have you heard of the Art Bead Love Tour?????

The Art Bead Love Tour is an ongoing project to spread the love of handmade to new and exciting places. It’s a way to reach people who may have never stumbled upon your blog on their own, and give them a chance to share the love of handmade. A chain was chosen to link beads as a symbol of how this project links us all together~ in our unity to stand behind handmade.

Here is how the chain looked when I received it today:

The winner of the chain will be allowed to take up to 30 beads from this chain. They will then replace each bead they took, with another handmade bead, charm or pendant of equal quality.

(PLEASE remember -- you are not winning the ENTIRE chain -- just a chance to take some beads from it.)

Here's what I selected...not with the help from my 4 children, or my tiny Shih Tzu...but from my sweet husband...who was VERY vocal about which ones he wanted to use on his vintage silverware bracelets!

Just for giggles...can you guess what he picked to use and what I chose?

How did he end up with more picks than me??  All I have to say is he better keep his eye on "the house!!"  It's as good as mine!!! :)

I was raised "to give more than you take", and my Momma would have my behind if I didn't add more than I I added just a few more:

Ceramic bird clasp:  Pajego Art House
Copper "eye" lampwork lentil pair:  OdieBells Designs
Mint green & ivory lampwork round:  BIMS Bangles
Golem daisy & red/black/white lentils:  Golem
Green/gold lampwork earring pair:  Silverfish Designs
Green swirl lampwork lentil:  OdieBells Designs
Faux turquoise horse polymer clay charm:  Tree Wings Studio

And some of my own work:

An array of polymer clay floral charms, pendant, beads & Copper flower stamped connector, earring pairs (from my own mold) and sea urchin charm.

And these last 2 just came off of the work bench today...a new style for me:

Periwinkle polymer clay floral connector, and copper polymer clay lentil bead.

**I apologize for the crappy photography!  Blogger ate my post 3 times, and by that point I wasn't going to tempt fate and try and go back out and retake the photos!!!

There's a lot to read, but it's really important!!!!

It is so important that the quality of the beads be maintained, so we can keep the Art Bead Love Tour alive. We want to share consistent quality with the next winner. If you make your own handmade beads or components, it’s a great way to get your beads into the world for people to try them out, or, if you hoard collect art beads, it’s a great way to share your collection and get some new additions as well.

(Art Beads should be handmade by an artist, and not mass produced, such as Hill Tribes Silver beads or others like them).  

Remember, the focus is on creating handmade with handmade and beads/components taken should be replaced with beads/components that are made by an individual not an organization.

Take a look where the chain has been:

Here's how it works:

(Please read the entire post before entering).

1. The winner of the chain will be allowed to take up to 30 beads from this chain. They will then replace each bead they took, with another handmade bead, charm or pendant of equal quality.

2. The winner will post pictures of what was taken and what was added, in order to keep an account of the chains progress and to keep our followers drooling. Please be sure to give credit to the bead artists as well (if you know them).

3. The winner will then have a giveaway, just like this one, to keep passing the chain on and on. Rules can be copied and pasted from here.

4. When you repost your giveaway (remember you can copy and paste from here) - a list should be added to show where the chain has gone, with links to each previous blog.Ultimately, this will end up being a very long list!

5. Chain must be shipped to its new home via Priority Small Flat Rate box with delivery confirmation. Please package it carefully.

6. There will be a button on the Love My Art Jewelry Website that links to the current blog and giveaway- so if you have the chain, it will link to your blog, that way our followers can have another chance to win it.

7. You MUST exchange your beads and have your giveaway completed within two weeks of receiving the chain.

PLEASE, if you can not adhere to the above rules, do not enter the giveaway at this time. (It will go on and on and you can always enter at a later date.) There will be a button on the side bar of our blog so that you can track where the chain currently is.


1. You must have a blog to enter.

2. Leave a comment below (make sure your email is linked to your blog or leave it in the comment. Entries without emails will not qualify)

3. Share on Facebook, Twitter or your blog for extra chances to win. Leave a comment for each way you share, with a link if possible.

4. Winner will pay shipping and will be billed through PayPal - small priority flat rate box with delivery confirmation, $6.00.

5. Open only to our readers in the United States- due to problems with tracking and shipping overseas (sorry).

JULY 31st, 2012


  1. I would love to win. I would also love love to have the owl that is on it. I will share on Facebook and twitter. :)

  2. Gasp, what an opportunity! I have already picked out my beads :) My blog is: and my email address is: rhwriter13 @ gmail . com

  3. Wish i could enter but I am in Canada.

  4. I can't stop drooling, and it's not because of a medical condition! Will be blogging as fast as my fingers can miss type!

  5. Oh goodness! I am delighted to see this surface again. What a lot of loot! I like that you gave more than you took...your work makes me drool all over myself. I just noticed that the little owl is one of my wee Motley Owls! How cool is that? I wonder who added that mischievous little hooter? Even if I don't ever win a stop, at least I know a part of me is traveling on the tour. Count me in! Thanks ever so much for the opportunity. Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. That owl is what really attracted my attention this time around. And there are enough new beads on there that I am going to toss my name in the hat again.

  7. I shared on FB.

  8. I shared on Twitter.

  9. I juuuuusttt LOOOOOOOVE your newest beautiful! I believe I will also have to try this out and see how it goes for me! You have inspired me!

  10. I used to say I couldn't enter challenges and whatnot because I didn't yet have a blog. While I can't do this particular exchange (I'm not in the U.S.), I enjoy following the travels of the Prodigal Bead Chain. And I love fantasizing about what I'd take and what I'd offer...*TeeHee*

  11. Your handmade beads are so beautiful...truly, truly beautiful! I love your new designs!!! Would love a chance to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. I'm so glad I didn't miss this chance! I have so many beautiful artisan beads I would love to share! I'll keep following the tour!
    my blog:

  13. And I just shared it on FB.

  14. Everything looks just GREAT on the chain! I linked you to our site. Can't wait to see who gets it next:)

  15. Ahh, what a beautiful collection of beads!! Love what you took and gave! I have some claps from Pajego too! They have such cute items! Your work is beautiful as well! Very talented! Toss my name in the hat! Thank you! Kristi

  16. Love the owl focal you choose and the copper pieces you added are great.

  17. Just shared on FB

  18. Love the owl focal you choose and the copper components you added are great.

  19. Would love to be a part of this....sounds so fun!!!!!!. & I will share on Facebook and Twitter. YaY!

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