Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adventure Day - Rural Virginia Style

There's not much to do in our tiny little town, so today my oldest, my youngest and I traveled to a little known secret ...Yogaville.

Where, settled amongst farmland, down a winding back road, and against The Blue Ridge Mountains in rural Buckingham county, VA this suddenly appears...

The entrance

As you drive down a VERY narrow...almost scary little road set back in the woods,  about the time you are seriously contemplating turning around (think "The Hills Have Eyes" type road) this comes in to view....

LOTUS - Light of Truth Universal Shrine

Where all major religions are welcomed and honored - A close up of LOTUS

Entrance to the LOTUS

Side view of the entrance

Golden spire 

You can read more about Yogaville, LOTUS, and coexistence  HERE  

We plan on going back in the fall...


Awesome day with my girlies, which ended with where we found our own version of truth and enlightenment...

Sweet Frog in Farmville, VA

Yes...there REALLY is a town with that name...approximately 20 miles from us.

Great day with my adventurous girls, who will one day gather during the holidays and say to each other "You remember that time our "cracked" Momma took us to the huge pink lotus building in the middle of freaking nowhere?..."  

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  1. What a neat place! Thanks for sharing. My youngest daughter practices yoga and loves it. I would never be able to get up, let alone untangle from a pose. It's nice to have those mama/daughter moments - and yes, they do look back later and laugh at us!