Sunday, March 11, 2012



photo credit:  Piccsy

Today my sweet husband and I went to the Craftsman's Classic Spring Show in Richmond, VA.  The plan was to do a little shopping, see various set ups and maybe consider going "whole hog" next year and submitting our work to possibly be juried in to the show.

This is where reality truly set in for much as I hate to admit it.

1.  While I didn't see any polymer clay jewelry...that didn't encourage me, but almost made me feel juvenile.  Maybe it shouldn't, and it's only my own insecurities.  Everything was sterling, gold or lampwork with a combo of silver/gold.  I didn't see any brass or copper...

2.  There's no way in God's creation I can pull elaborate partitions and backdrops out of the sky by next year, way.

3.  Most (I did see 3) jewelry vendors product were dainty and demure...not exactly what I tend to create.  Could I?  Sure, but then I'd feel like I was "selling out."

So, now I'm left feeling frustrated, completely out of my league, second guessing what I currently create, and just plain silly for even considering it.  

Selection of soaps from Asparagus Soaps

I tried to cheer myself up by purchasing some heavenly soaps from Charles Ronen of Asparagus Soap.  He was such a sweet man, who tried SO hard to help us out and we exchanged emails before we said our good byes.

Then, I did what any self respecting down and out jewelry designer would do and hit our favorite bead shop...Bangles & Beads in Carytown!!  Banded agate, African glass daggers, felted beads, an array of charms, and Czech beads later, I felt remarkably in better spirits!

Finished off the day with one of these:

GT's Kombucha - Guava Goddess

I've always tended to dream big or go home...and while I'm not quite where I want to be yet, I love the little hometown craft shows I do participate in.  I'll keep my goal for now...the schematics will work themselves out, no?

From:  Vinyl Lettering on Etsy


  1. Is there a show that is a step between the shows you're doing now and the show you'd like to do? Maybe you'd feel better if you approached it that way, as steps to get there? Don't feel bad about what you're creating, your designs are lovely. What about Bead and Button or Bead Fest Philly? Perhaps those would be better venues, or at least another step. It would be designers, mostly, purchasing your components but a venue nonetheless. How about trying to get published and moving forward that way?

  2. I read a very eye opening post on Kari Bogert's blog a few months ago about a juried show she was in, so I'm not so enthusiastic about them. I think there is a reason there are different types of shows and fairs, and that is because we are all different. I am more comfortable at craft fairs as a customer, so I would tend to go there to enjoy myself, and to buy stuff. I would go to a show like you described, but only to look, and observe, not to buy. So, that makes me your kind of clientele, and not theirs. Stick true to your style, and your customers will be pleased. And so will you. Ok, off my soapbox, and on to breakfast. :) Have a wonderful day!

  3. Well...not sure what you saw there at the show, but I LOVE your polymer clay work and hope to see more and more of it!

  4. If I went to a show and saw only sterling, gold, and dainty, I would get frustrated as a consmer. Maybe other customers are too, and would welcome the kind of jewlery you make. And if a soap maker can be there, so can you! I would at least give it a try once or twice.

    As for the backdrops, again, don't be afraid to be unique. Just because everyone else has elaborate backdrops doesn't mean you have to. Surf the web for ideas and make yours unique. Don't feel like you have to do what they do to be successful at the show. Who knows, you just might start a trend there.

    Give it a try.

  5. You may do better because you are different. I used to only work with silver because I didn't think anyone would buy brass or copper. Then the ecomony forced me into using it almost completely. I was shocked at how many people love it! ...and there are so many cheap creative ways to do back drops don't let them get you down your work is stunning!!! XOXOXO