Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Need Opinions...Please?

As a few are anticipating embroidery framed beads...I had to take a small break from them today.  My oldest pulled a 17 hour shift yesterday afternoon/evening/night/this morning, so I had to tiptoe around the house today while she slept...which meant not being able to drill (where I am in the process), as the studio space shares a wall with her room, so I worked on another design.

I've been toying with this "watercolor" idea for a while now.  There are many similar beads out there (which are freaking amazing) I need opinions.

I started with a lentil bead that I made some time ago...which ended up as this necklace:

Made a haphazard mold:

Don't mind the cornstarch "mold release"

And ended with these:

Didn't even brush the drill shavings off before I snapped a picture!

Just a different color combination.

These are still in the prototype phase.  Maybe some in a more neutral color palette (I just used the colors that were on my work space today), making different flowers/vines, bigger and on a flat plate (not molding from a bead), bigger bracelet connectors, different shapes, etc.  Should I antique them, or leave them be?

I'm pretty thick skinned, so critical comments and suggestions are welcome.  If the majority think they are "copy cats" that's ok too...they'll find homes as presents for family, etc.


  1. I'd say leave them be, Moobie. They are gorgeous! They look ceramic. They will be great as connectors and toggles...awesome work!

  2. Leave them just they way they are. They are so bright and happy! Love Em!

  3. Gorgeous, how about just doing one with an antique finish as a comparison. These make me think of Nannas when I look at them, I love them.

  4. I love the colors of the one with the toggle. I think these are great as they are. If you are asking for suggestions for future versions, You could make the color combos reflect different seasons or even make birth month flowers molds so you could make as many discs & toggles in any color you or your client wanted. As for shapes though I really think the round disc and toggle are perfect.

  5. I haven't seen beads like these before. I think they're lovely as is, but also think they'd be great in the neutral palette you mentioned and antiqued. Keep going!

  6. I LOVE this! Not sure what the antiquing will look like, but whether you do it or not, these are such happy looking beads :)

  7. You mention a concern over these being too similar to other pieces you've seen, but I've not seen any like this. (Which of course doesn't mean they don't exist...) But if you created your own molds and everything, I don't see how there could be complaints.

    I really like these a lot! The colors you've used are lovely. I can imagine working these up with beads. The colors you use in these would inspire designs, I would think! You could do them in various colors and shades (bright, soft, etc.) You might also make leaf patterns, which could be pretty. Even vary the size!

    (I can always imagine great things for others, but not for myself! Ha!)

    I don't know a thing about how you make these. You mention water colors. I'm assuming there is a coating of some kind that goes over them to keep the colors from running if they get damp?

    Sorry to go on and on. I love them, and think they have great potential for sales!

  8. These are fabulous!!! I would totally love to have one (or two!) in my stash! :-) I really like the softened look you get from casting. Your colors are great too! And as far as copying goes, I know I haven't seen every bead out there, but I think the only thing you're copying is the above pendant! Make more!! :-)

  9. These are stunning. Keep up the great work!

  10. These are absolutely fabulous, Tania! Just make sets in various colour combinations and they'll still be unique :)

  11. I love these, they are really pretty.