Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How's Everyone's "Wings" Coming Along?

I just wanted to check in quickly and see how everyone's coming along with their Flap Your Wings Challenge/Hop?  If you need anything by all means drop me a line!

I can't lie...I'm having a hard time with this...pretty embarrassing being as I initiated the challenge!  I know exactly what I want to create (both pieces), I've ordered, and received the pieces needed...I even get in to the studio ready to begin...then I get caught up in all of my emotions, and I have to walk away.

Today, I FINALLY got started.  Yay me!!  Baby steps, I tell myself...until I fly!


  1. I started my piece yesterday.... that gives me exactly two weeks to reveal day... that means I can put it together one day and take it apart the next 7 times... I started writing the blog post today... I'm finding that more difficult than making the actual piece!

  2. I finally started mine too. I had two main ideas and couldn't decide between them... and now I have a little bit done. Just enough to get my feet wet ;) now I just gotta decide on how to attach the focal pieces... the way I originally decided on... or a different way >.< lol

    Question ( i asked in one of the groups but I can't find where I asked to see if anyone answered lol ) Those of us who are auctioning it off...( assuming it's done and good enough to be auctioned )Is there going to be a group auction or donation like the 'artists helping artists' ones usually do? Everyone hosts their own auction, but send the winners info to one person who collects the money and registers the donation.

  3. I'm not sure if there is a group auction going on or not. I left it up to everyone individually to donate at their will, simply because there were SO many favored charities! Of course that was before Judy's obituary was published and a preferred organization for donations was given.

  4. I was going to ask about what charities they wanted donations to go to, but found the obituary. Thanks for the mention.
    I too have started work on two creations, both of which will have copper pieces from Judy as focals in them, which I purchased from her Etsy shop. Can we offer more than one piece, or should I decide myself which to put up?
    I too have a question as to where to put them up for auction. Noticed one person is going to put them on FB. I, of course, will add them to my blog on reveal day, however, I do not get many visitors to it, and would prefer something with more exposure. Advice?