Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sometimes Bigger Is Better

I've been in a funk lately when it comes to clay & jewelry design.  Whether it's classic creativity block, or the fact that things haven't quite gone the way I'd hoped they would business wise, I decided to back away for a few days and crochet instead, and yes, I'm quite aware it's June!  Crochet is soothing to me, I'm not the best, and I often have to unravel row upon row of stitches, but, it provides an escape for my soul when needed.

Saturday we decided to make a day trip to Carytown in Richmond, VA.  A mile of fantastic little boutiques to discover, and restaurants to grab a quick bite, and who knows...maybe I'd find a great little boutique where my jewelry could call home.  While meandering through the eclectic mix we stumbled upon nirvana...appropriately named For The Love of Chocolate...OH MY!! the drool off of your keyboard!!  How we managed to get out of there without spending our life savings is beyond me...the gods were on our side, that's for sure!

While, I didn't find a home for my work, I did stumble upon a new bead shop Bangles and Beads  Awesome!  Just what I needed to jump start my creativity once more!  I'm a complete coral addict!  I have drawers and drawers of coral beads.  Blue coral.  Pink bamboo coral.  Gold coral.  Black coral.  Coral slices.  Coral's the "Bubba Gump" for me!  So imagine the skies parting and angels singing when I laid my eyes on this....

Yes, it's an almost palm sized red branch coral slice!!  It's heavy, and I have NO clue what it will morph in to...but it came home with me, and found permanent residency on my bead table!

I was a good girl and kept my purchases light...mainly because the Mr. was with me.  Here are a few other treasures I couldn't leave behind....

Large purple/blue magnesite!  Completely NOT a color I work with often, but change is good!  Love these!!!!

And finally, a large tagua nut.  I've never worked with these before, but I have some awesome crackle fire agate rondelles that will coordinate perfectly!

Hopefully, I'll get my mojo back this week, and will have new pieces to share soon!

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