Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shall I Explain?

At least twice at every show...and even while I'm just out and about I get questioned about "Moobie"...which is what I expected from the beginning, and I love sharing our story.

All 4 of my children have nicknames, still used as harmless razzing amongst the siblings I suppose.  My oldest was Pumpkin Head...which we abandoned when she started introducing herself as "Pumpkin Head Spivey."  Pumpkin Head, because yes, she had a badly misshapen head at birth!

Second in line, Ashley, was nicknamed Joe...I can thank my Mom for that!  Ashley had an obsession with a plastic construction safety hat as a toddler (around the time Bob The Builder entered t.v. land), and somehow my Mom thought Bob's sidekick should be Christened "Joe."

The lone boy of the troop, Ethan, was cheated in the nickname game.  E is what he's always been called, and probably always will be.  No cute story, no originality...I was tired at this point with a 5 year old, 2 year old and a newborn.

Which brings me to the Last of the Mohican's...the youngest, the end of an era...Megan Grace.  By the time Grace came along, I had three little helpers in the nickname ring with me.  Grace has always been my lovey-dovey, attached to my hip baby.  So much in fact, that using a baby sling was the only way I had free use of my hands for a few years.  She also had a slight attachment to anything Winnie-the-Pooh.  My Mom stated we looked like a kangaroo, so her nickname became Roo.

My oldest came along, and challenging my authority, changed it to Moo....which isn't the best name to be hollering down the street here in "Farmland USA"...so, Moo became Moobie...which just wasn't quite refined enough, so we added Grace.  We rarely call her anything else these days, and she recently asked how old she had to be to change her name! :)

So, there you have it...the history of a Moobie Grace...the condensed version.

And, yep..my oldest still challenges my authority and has taken to calling her baby sister, Moose.

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  1. Totally love the story! And I can also relate on that "oldest challenging my authority" part! We also have nicknames in our house, but only the youngest is really called by his at this point. For me, that's the real "Norman Rockwell" part of life. :)