Monday, June 27, 2011

On Gilded Wings

What a dreary Monday morning.  Rainy, bleak, house full of girls, not feeling especially creative...need I say more?

Then, I heard the familiar sound of more than envelopes being put in the mailbox (it's a gift...or I order too much online!)  So I high tailed myself out to investigate....and look what found it's way to me...

Nothing like a little shimmer to brighten your Monday morning!  These interesting beauties are gold silk worm cocoons from Larkspur Funny Farm on Etsy. 

Of course, I had to play with these immediately!  How could I resist? 

On Gilded Wings earrings.  My own polymer clay lentils wrapped with golden silk cocoon, with brass textured beads, copper findings and a trio of "grungy" pearls.

And the start of a necklace (which is rare for me, as I tend not to create "matchy" pieces.)

That's all I had time for before the gaggle of girls demanded my attention!  I also ordered some hand dyed silk cocoons & silk stay tuned!

You can also check out Larkspur's Blog...Grace was awesome to work with...and has the best name ever!!

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