Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thinking Aloud....

Just a thought...

1.  As much as I LOVE designing  & making jewelry, I'm debating on starting an Etsy shop with bead sets & components.  The Blog Hop really opened my eyes to how diverse jewelry design can be, and my partner Tari, of Clay Buttons, proved that what I thought were "dainty" beads can really be turned into anything!!  Just take a look:

Pictures of Tari Sasser's work from the Bead Soup I sent her...amazing!!

Of course I'll still be a regular at shows, and hopefully soon, I can find a reliable, affordable site host to boot!  There's so much to work out like pricing (DEFINITELY not my strong point), set sizes, did I mention pricing? :) 

Any suggestions, advice...and slaps in the face are more than welcome!!


  1. That would be great! I am always looking for components to go with my polymer clay beads!

  2. Well, I'm thinking that YES! you should be selling on Etsy! I hopped to Teri's blog from Art Bead Scene, and then here (I haven't finished my blog-hopping yet, I'll be doing it for the next month I think). The components you sent to her are GORGEOUS! I absolutely loved your clasp and hopped over to see if you might have things for sale. I would think selling via Etsy would nicely compliment and supplement the sales from shows (and you're home with the kiddos in sweats and a t if you want - I'm a mom of 4 also, my baby just turned 21). Go for it!

  3. Go with your gut! Feel what someone will be willing to pay for one of your pieces and along with how much it cost to make and how much time you put into it, you should be able to price it right. I normally pay myself about $25/hour. It may sound like a lot but when you factor in the amount of networking, photography, listing etc that you do, it makes sense! Hope that little bit helps :)

  4. I've just started a zibbet shop because there is an annual fee (currently at a discount rate), but you don't pay for each listing. I find pricing REALLY difficult since if I used the actual hours spent the prices would be astronomical.

    This decision was also inspired by looking at the components in the BSBP.