Monday, September 26, 2011

Resurrection Failure!

I won't even begin to describe the "fun-filled" past few days/weekend I've had...there would simply be too many not-so-nice-wash-my-mouth-out-with-soap words used!  Let's just say this happened Thursday night:

*insert cartoon picture of my laptop crashing*

All while trying to print out my 4 pages (Arghhh!!!) of vendor instructions for the show this past Saturday...had never done this show, nor did I know my way there...awesome!!  Notice there also is no mention of the referred to show...I'll leave that for another day...

I've spent the day trying to revive my well loved, yet overused laptop.  Fail.  It's history...

Gone are all the pictures I just took last week (yep...the ones for my upcoming bead/components Etsy store), which I also deleted from my SD card so my youngest could use it in her camera!  Not to mention all the favorites, links, etc that are gone...what a way to start my week! 

I do have my daughter's archaic Dell laptop, but as you can see from my attempt to insert a's slightly lacking, and won't accept my printer driver...and yep, another show this weekend (same verse, same as the first).

I'll leave out the part about a replacement being out of reach at the moment....I'd put my big girl panties on...but I can't find them! (Had a cute GIF for that last statement too).

Bear with me, as I try to seek divine intervention and wish a workable laptop into fruition! :)

Edited to add:  Ugh...just remembered all my crochet patterns that took me years to collect are gone too!!And yes, I know I'm being a whiny baby, that in the grand scheme of things a crashed computer is completely trivial!  I get that...I really do, but combined with everything else I'm stressing about, I've come to the conclusion that I must have had a horseshoe up my arse in a past life...because I sure haven't caught a break in this one lately!!


  1. If you have exhausted all computer geek resources to help revive your crashed laptop, there is a company you can send it to that may be able to help retrieve your data. I can't remember the name of the company and my computer geek husband is sleeping, so Google "hard drive recovery" and see if that helps. I will try to get more info. for you from my CG husband tomorrow. I almost had to resort the above mentioned route once, so I feel your pain!

  2. Thanks for offering the help Kathleen! Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a complete factory preset restore (after the first crash Thurs evening) today when it crashed again...therefore wiping everything and unable to reboot without a boot cd...which, surprise, surprise...I don't have!! :)

  3. arrgghhhh! what a pain in the a*$£!!!

    My fingers are firmly crossed your luck turns...and quickly! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx