Thursday, August 18, 2011

I've Led A Sheltered Life

I realized some time ago, that I've never worked with lampwork beads...well other than the mass produced "generic" versions at the beginning of my beading journey...and they proved to be not so fun to work with.  I know, I know, I've committed a cardinal sin in the bead realm!

Since, I've drooled for hours at the gorgeous artisan glass, but never bit the bullet...nor could I even begin to make a decision on which to try out...until last night.  There are SO many talented "torchers" out there, that I really had no clue where to even I let my eyes make the decision for me.

Here's my small purchase that I can't wait to receive:

Are these not amazing??  They remind me of wintry tutus.  Can't wait!

Snatched up these as well...I mean, how could I not?

Both were purchased from Modern Trails on Etsy.  Beautiful!!!  I left plenty of her mesmerizing work for everyone else...although I was tempted!  Now, I'll be watching the darn mailbox and stalking the mailman til they arrive...I have a one track mind like that!

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