Saturday, August 27, 2011

Creative Impression In Clay - Tari Sasser: Bead Soup Partner

I wanted to finally share what my Bead Soup partner Tari Sasser of Creative Impressions in Clay sent...

Tari's Blog:  Clay Buttons
Where you can find Tari's work:

Brilliantly colored ceramic beads, toggle clasp, pendant, buttons & "supporting cast."  Eeeek!  I love them!  I tend to shy away from such vibrant and colorful creations...not because I don't love them, but because my creativity seems to hit a brick wall when it comes to designing with them!  Lori Anderson certainly knew how to make me step outside my comfort zone, that's for sure!!  

Mark your calendars....Sept 17th marks the day of the big reveal of over 300+ Bead Soup participants' creations!! 


  1. Yeah, I know the feeling! I also got some vibrant colors. Those are beautiful beads, and I know you will rise to the challenge! I've especially enjoyed the comments my kids have made as I've worked thru my ideas for my soup. :)

  2. I think both the soup you sent and received looks so super yummy! The pieces you made are so much fun, and your wire works is fantastic! That is another skill that I envy. Working with metal and wire. It is something I want to learn to do in the future so I envy those of you who have that talent!