Friday, August 19, 2011

Frozen Charlottes

I have been intrigued with "frozen Charlottes" for quite some time. 

These historical dolls date back from 1860-1900, ranging from an inch in size up to 18 inches.  Many of these cuties were rescued from a dig at the doll factory yard in Thuringia, Germany. The arms and legs do not move or are "frozen." Children used to play with these bisque dolls, and even made clothes for them. Sometimes called bathing dolls (backside unglazed, therefore allowing them to float in the tub), and were even used to decorate or were baked into cakes.

Why "Frozen Charlotte?"   During the mid 1800's there was a story printed that later turned into an American poem about Fair Charlotte. This tale spoke of a vain Charlotte who refused to bundle up on her way to the ball. She froze in her carriage and her beau is said to have died of a broken heart. This story was told to remind children to bundle up when going outside.

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One of above 1 inch babies is on it's way to very own Charlotte.  Now...I'm thinking a pendant of some sort?  Of course my "sensible" husband questioned:  "Please tell me you don't plan on wearing that creation?  Never mind...I know you will...if it causes a second glance, you're all over it!  Only you would wear a 100 year old, dug from the ground and broken doll and think it was mainstream."  I love him!  He knows me too well!

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