Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shameless Momma Birthday Brag!

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As of tomorrow, April 17th, I am no longer the mother of 4 teens and a pre-teen.  DAMN IT!  I must have blinked somewhere in the last 20 years!  Tomorrow (at 3:13 p.m. to be precise) my oldest will make another step in her life (and I'm getting quit sick of all these "steps")...she turns 20!!  I swear it was just yesterday that I was 18 and she was a newborn!

How did she go from this....

To this...

To being a senior in high school...

Then this...


Which brings us to present day (ish)...

She's always been a hardheaded girl (I take full responsibility for that character trait), and although she thinks I'm strict and mean, because the world is gentle and kind in her naive eyes, she's grown (LMAO) and is spreading her wings a little more each day.  But...she'll be perpetually 10 in my eyes.  She works full time, moved to the "big city" and is a full time college student.  Hmmm, maybe strict Momma knew what she was doing all along?!?


There were many days I didn't think one of us would make it this far, but here we are, while we'll always be mother & daughter, finally being friends isn't so bad either!!!  Geez...thanks for making me feel OLD!!!

*And I just realized, my youngest turns 12 next week, and my "adopted" daughter turns 20 on April 30th...good grief...can they SLOW DOWN??? :)


  1. <3 What a wonderful way to commemorate your daughter's birthday. Beautiful pictures!


  2. Oh, that was such a sweet post! And made me hug my almost 13 girl really hard!!! :) Happy Birthday Lauren, and happy tears for you Tania.

  3. Cute, Good luck with her slowing down. Before you know it,,, well we won't got there.