Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She Flew The Nest

For the past two weeks I've had "life as I used to know it"...My adopted baby bird Mariah, flew home from Texas for 14 glorious days!!  There was absolutely no jewelry being made...just laughing, emptying of the cabinets/refrigerator, hanging out, extreme loudness, and getting the obligatory "Mariah's home let's go get tattoos!"

Today however, she's making her way back across the country.

Last night was full of tears for my oldest...in her words "saying goodbye to her never gets any easier!"  I understand completely.

Just a few pics of the silliness that occurred:

And my favorite....

In her words: "Sometimes it takes 1800+ miles of distance between us to realize how inseparable we are!"

I'm off to wallow in self pity....this sucks!

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  1. OMG, you guys look like you're having too much fun! how wonderful to spend a few days together .. it's always how it goes with my sister. I see her so seldomly that we try to make up for lost time. Then comes the tears and she's gone. Enjoy the moments you can!