Friday, December 5, 2014

2nd Annual Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

Today's the day!  Beaders everywhere let go...just a little...even if they're keeping the creation for themselves.  Us beady freaks tend to hoard our favorites, maybe even pet them, or have full blown conversations with them (or is that just me?)  I have so many hoards collections, that it's embarrassing at this point!

But, as usual Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog arranged a solution...and really, what's better than a blog party?  Somehow I missed last year but....Bead Hoarders Blog Hop!! has arrived!!!

Click the image above for the list of over 100 hoarders...I mean participants!

I instantly knew which of my hoards (yes PLURAL...don't judge we all have our vices) I wanted to use.  Last Christmas I got lucky and was paired up with the lovely Donna Millard for a Christmas Swap.  I mean, come on...just look at her work, and even luckier that she sent BEADS!!!!

Olde World Holly Bead 

Mehndi Gypsy Scrimshaw Bird 

I have saved Donna's beads for a year!!!  I always knew I wanted to create something for myself to remind me of her, and to be honest she reminds me a lot of my mom too...double win!!  My silly self has never had a "great" idea.  Beautiful beads scare the daylights out of me!!  Rust?  Not a problem!!  Big honking gemstones?  Sign me up!!  Dinner plate?  Completely doable!  Amazing lampwork beads??  OMG...I have zero idea what to do with them!!!  Nothing like a challenge to kick your butt in to gear!!

Here's what I came up with.  Perfect winter-ish colors.  Donna's birds and accent lampwork beads, my own polymer clay bead cap, and rondelles, luxurious tassel, wooden bead chain, faceted red crackle Agate, wood slices and a few odds and ends.  See the little owl bead in lower right picture?  He's next on my list!

**PLEASE EXCUSE MY PICTURES!!  Honestly, I wasn't drunk when I took them! They were taken at 10 p.m. last night with my phone, but I PROMISE I will repost updated ones this morning!!
Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my pitiful attempts at photography!! ;)


  1. One day I hope to be lucky enough to have even ONE Donna Millard bead. So how LUCKY ARE YOU!?! This is awesome. I hope you plan to keep this one for yourself. Love it.

  2. You DID get lucky...and I'm positive that Donna is impressed with the finished product! I know I am...

  3. I am totally in love and never would have come up with that. It's so funny how you say you can work with a dinner plate but art beads... AHHHH!

    Thank you for all your support as the Bead Soup Cafe reopened and has blossomed. I am so glad for your help.

  4. So much texture and depth to this piece. The color combo is surprising (for me) but really works. You packed so much into this necklace, but the Donna Millard birdies definitely stand out. Way to go!

  5. Wow, Donna's beads are indeed a force unto themselves, but I think you have done them beautiful justice with this design, Tania :)

  6. Your necklace is absolutely GORGEOUS! The beads are beautiful, the design is amazing and the color combination is uniquely fresh. And, your bead cap is the perfect compliment!

  7. I must be feeling like it is winter because so many of the pieces I am seeing on this hop seem perfect for the season and your necklace is no exception. I adore your necklace- it reminds me of berries on a bare winter branch. It is absolutely grand. I love Donna Millard's beads and your piece honors her work. I hope you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy wearing your creation this season.