Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BSBP + Partner = Happy Dance!!!

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things 7th Bead Soup Blog Party is my favorite time of the "beady" year!!!  It's like Christmas without Aunt Ruth's infamous one-arm-is-longer-than-the-other-100% acrylic-crocheted disaster of a Christmas sweater...from hell!

Today, I received my partner for this round!  Yet another happy dance...if I don't stop I'm going to break something...like my hip!

Cherrie Fick of En La Lumier're and also on Facebook is my magnificent, and well published partner!!  I have to say that every BSBP I've done I've been over the moon happy with my partners!!  How Lori does it...I don't know!

Let's take a little look-see of just a few of Cherrie's amazing creativity:

This simple, yet gorgeous necklace caught my eye...

Love, love, love these colorful ear candy!!

Stunning!!!  I love birds, and nests...and Cherrie's rendition is perfection!

And, of course I picked a favorite...back to the birds...but the colors are divine!!!  So...if anyone is looking for birthday gift ideas for my big "39 & holding" (you only have 3 months) THIS IS IT!!!

Well...I have my work cut out for me, now don't I?  Cherrie's work and eye for color are brilliant (pun intended), and I can't wait to see the soup that she picked out for me...I'm one lucky girl!!!

Come back by on April 6th too see what Cherrie & I have come up with!!  

See y'all then!!


  1. Can't wait to see what you two talented ladies make!

  2. Wow, you just made my morning, week, month and so on. What a darling and flattering post. Wow a creative gal with a sense of humor. How can I pay you back on that?? Well I will get to work coming up with something you will love to play with I hope. I like to get to know my partners and a bit about them. I know this is supposed to be a challenge but I really want it to be a creative vacation too. You know like Disneyland in a box. So thanks so much. This will be fun. Cherrie