Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Gone To H*** in a Handbasket

My blog, that is.

I have good intentions, I swear, I do, but lately life, family, and the dreaded "real world" has been throwing me curve ball after curve ball...and I am NOT the athletic type!

So many changes, so little of me!  My oldest just moved in to her own apartment...60 miles away.  For those who haven't been down this path before... let me tell you, life is so much easier when they are 2!!  Cherish those temper tantrums, laugh at them're going to need the memories to get you through the teen & "I'm an adult" years!  Emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted, yes...but all is well, she's moved in, is safe, and I suppose in a way we're both starting a new chapter in our lives.

As if that wasn't enough, I've also been getting everything lined up to homeschool my youngest daughter for a while now.  With a learning disability such as dyslexia, and an education system that is rapidly going down the tubes, it really was the only sensible option to be able to teach my child to the best way for HER!  I've learned that while I can take a stand and not back down when it comes to fighting the public education system, that my own child is losing ground, and suffering in the process.  So, I did what any self respecting Mama does, and I packed up my toys and I am going home...just as soon as the school board acknowledges my Notice of Intent!!!!

My muse has been put on hold for the time being.  Between holiday shows, getting my Etsy store loaded for the holidays (still on the to-do list), taking inventory to the stores I consign with, and my "active" children, blogging time has been cut out!  Hopefully, once the homeschooling bell rings, I can be back full force, just as soon as I play judge, jury and executioner over the "who gets Lauren's now vacant bedroom!"

Thanks for putting up with my Houdini acts...




  1. My eldest left home for 3 years for University and she's moved back in with her boyfriend, so it's a bit squashed, my food bill has rocketed and my clothes keep disappearing!!!!
    Good luck with your youngest too.

  2. Wow you have been busy. My brother and his woman friend home school two of theirs and have an 18yr old and a 2 year old at home too.
    Good luck with everything. :o)

  3. Good for you for following your heart, Tania, and giving your daughter such a precious gift: no one else can do for her what you can! I have always regretted not homeschooling my third son, who has high-functioning Aspergers. Though he "survived" public school and graduated, there are many fault lines evident now that he is an adult. I question how many problems I could have avoided had I chosen to take him out of school early on and taught him myself (not a common option in my part of the world).

    You are absolutely right about something else: our saying is, "Little kids, little problems; bigger kids, bigger problems" LOL. Hope all yours work themselves out for the best, girl!

  4. I have been following your "life" through facebook - I admire you - truly! You are an amazing mama...both your kids are blessed! I wish you the best of luck - on all counts!

  5. I'm here for you, if you ever need an ear!

  6. I ended up teaching my son to read at home.. He was still at school... but they were using the system of teaching where you meorized words... not letter sounds.. didn't work, he's 26 now so survived me, never did well in school but does know how to read! Good luck! Fighting with the school board is so much fun! Even when you win you feel like you've lost something!