Friday, March 16, 2012

Flap Your Wings Design Challenge - Blog Hop

In honor of fellow beader and the sweet, giving soul of Judy Glende - Judith B. Designs -

Flap Your Wings - Fitting, as it is the name of one of Judy's Etsy stores (also Judith B. Designs), and I'd like to think of Judy's passing not as LOSING a battle, but GAINING her wings!  Her generosity and mentoring will be missed by all of your wings Judy!!

Judy Glende.  

Many artists are planning on donating the proceeds of their creations to a charity...whether on their own accord, or as a group effort.  I realize that unfortunately most of us have been impacted by cancer (I lost my own mother to cancer in 2004, and my Dad is currently in the middle of his own battle) and everyone may have their own "favorite" charity.  After long debate, I decided I didn't want to impose a specific group charity donation upon anyone, so I'll leave that up to each participant.  By all means, it is completely understandable if you just chose to keep your creation as a memento!  

The guidelines are simple:

1.  Use "Flap Your Wings" as a jumping off point and the inspiration of your creation (jewelry or other). 

2.  Post your creations to your blog on the reveal date of April 14th, 2012.

3.  Keep Judy's family in your thoughts/prayers.

4.  If you chose to donate the proceeds, please consider doing so in Judy's name.


*  I will continue to update the participant list/links as I receive requests 
- Sign ups will officially close Monday evening.

Button for your blog:


  1. I'll be happy to participate... and I will donate the piece to the next charity auction that I'm asked to donate too.

    I leave for two weeks on April 14 so my blog hopping may be late depending on computer access!

  2. Add me please! I just went to her blog last week to see if there had been any new updates. That was the only way I had of keeping up with her struggle. I was afraid she was no longer with us. I don't have an etsy store, but I'd love to create something in honor of this beautiful lady. Thanks so much for doing this.

  3. I would like to participate as well. thank you for hosting this!

  4. Hi
    I would like to be added please!
    Although I didn't know her till I read a few blogs of her passing I read thru some of her past blog post & luv her spirit! She sounded amazing & I would luv to participate & donate the piece in her name.
    Thank you for doing this .

  5. Please add me as well. I am working on a project with another Etsy friend to create bracelets that we will sell and donate the proceeds to breast cancer research. I would be happy to do so in her honor, along with my mother, and my friend's mother.

  6. Hi - having trouble with the button link. Can you let me know where the code to the link is? thanks!

    1. The link should be embedded within the button image. Let me check to make sure it's working as I intended. I believe you can just copy the image then link the picture with

  7. I sent my request to be added via regular email, over the weekend, since the link to Outlook Express never works for me.

  8. Sorry I missed this as I was out of town. I will be watching. I plan to make something special to donate the proceeds to the charity her family has set up, but I doubt that I would be able to get my act together that quickly with all the things happening in the next two weeks. Thanks for helping to honor someone so special to so many of us.
    Enjoy the day.

  9. I really want to participate too! Did I miss the deadline?

  10. Am I too late to join the party?

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  12. I hope I am not too late, I would love to join in, and will auction whatever I create and donate the proceeds to the centre which helped my uncle when he was suffering from terminal cancer...and I will make the donation in Judy's name too... :)